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Welcome to Building In Baja

Your Gateway To Building A Life In Baja.

Creating was a natural seque from having published my magazine, Building In Baja. It attracted so many people from around the world who contacted me over the years for my design and project management services. It seemed a great way to address the same concerns everybody seemed to have, and a way for me to help lots more people by sharing what I’ve learned. Subscribe to Baja Tips to keep receiving more of my personal tips and advice for living the Baja good life!

“Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”

- Anthony Robbins

Think about it…when we are driving, we know where we want to go and map out our route. We use recipes to prepare meals, and open up the oven to check what we’re making or stand over the pot as things get cooking. These are some of the ways we strive to ensure our efforts come out right. Building or remodeling a home requires that same level of personal attention.

Architects and designers are there to help us visualize, create, and draw up our plans. Engineers are there to make sure what we want to build is not only possible, but structured properly. Contractors actualize the drawings and make it all real, and inspectors are there to make sure things are done to code. But what about you? Where are you in all this? Besides paying for it all, are you comfortable taking on any of those above roles yourself, or overseeing the whole

shebang? Doubtful. No matter how competent the people around you are, you probably still feel a

bit of “not being in control”.

Lots of people understandably have trust issues regarding building in a foreign country, especially when you hear or read about all the horror stories from folks who have had bad experiences. It’s easy to feel nervous about all of it and therefore hesitant about taking the plunge. That’s why Building In Baja exists….to help mitigate those fears.


You have visited this website and are reading this most likely because you are someone I just described. Our goals are to help you achieve yours, with confidence and knowledge. I’m not sure it’s possible to “teach trust”, really, but I do know how empowering it can be to be armed with authoritative information and hardcore facts from experienced experts. It is what we are all about. Our content is focused on all the essential, up to date information that matters to you if you are contemplating or already have started to build a home and new life here. Learning about potential obstacles, others’ mistakes, and viable solutions are all parts of your blueprint for success.

Wendy Rains



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